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Choosing an article
How to choose an article on the smart showcase?
How to choose an article on the smart showcase?
Written by Artem Kuligin
Updated over a week ago

To choose an article, go to the «Articles» section on your dashboard.

Use filters to choose the necessary category, language, country, or author. Keep in mind that filters per country show countries where the article is relevant, e.g. contents dealing with pensions in India will be marked with the Indian flag.

Here are some general rules to choose an article:

  • The content should appeal to the target audience, «hook» them. We would love to remind you that the key audience are users over 45 y.o.

  • Double-check that the dates in the article are relevant. Users should not be alienated by anything. The article does not necessarily need to be informative, it can be just unusual and appealing.

  • Before starting to work with an article, open it on your mobile device to make sure that its title, text, and images are attractive.

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