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Can my own articles be added?
Can my own articles be added?
Written by Artem Kuligin
Updated over a week ago

When you want to add your own article, click the «Add article» button in the «Articles» section.

Fill out the relevant fields: title, text, and images. Then select a category, country, and language of the article. After that, the article will be moderated.

The moderation process does not usually take more than 10 minutes. The article which has successfully passed the moderation process appears on your account. This way you can create private articles which are available exclusively for you.

Some of moderation rules:

  • external links in articles are prohibited

  • article should not promote any product explicitly

  • article should not be either «fairy tale», «shocking», or look like a landing page

  • moderator can reject the article due to the lack of characters (less than 700)

  • article should not deal with the military actions in Ukraine

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