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Can unwanted ads be removed?
Can unwanted ads be removed?
Written by Artem Kuligin
Updated over a week ago

At the moment the following options can be enabled/disabled:

  • «Delivery of ads 18+»: products targeted at prostatitis, male potency, and those related to adult (18+) content will be removed from the ad body kit.

  • Backlink: when the option is disabled, the users who click the button get back to the webpage from which they came to the showcase. When the option is active, users get to the product / commodity page of the smart showcase.

  • Pop-Up showing: the setting is relevant only for the desktop traffic. If the feature is active, a Pop-Up window opens when users try to close the smart showcase page.

The options described above are necessary as they increase your chance to pass the moderation process successfully and follow the rules of your traffic providers. Every traffic source has its restrictions. However we suggest you do not disable the options unless it is necessary since it can affect your final EPC.

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